Awkward day

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  1. Asha says:

    Hi mo, I really like your 100 wc.
    I really like how you said “I had just put on my new VR set and I was seized into a new dimension. Everyone in sight was a just a cloud of fog. The roads of this new planet were as narrow as a string of spaghetti.”
    and how you said “Elderly and dilapidated houses were crumbling to the oblivious of the ground.”
    I also like how you used rhetorical questions.
    I really like how you used theorising as well.

  2. Mrs MooreTeam 100London says:

    Hi Mo,
    This was a fabulous read; you did a great job of creating an atmosphere through your careful vocabulary choices and used questions well to draw me in.

    Keep on writing, you clearly have a talent for it.
    Mrs MooreTeam 100London

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